2013 was an exciting year for me – here’s the second part of my photo record.

Yesterday I showed you the first half of my life in 2013, a year which was dominated by my two novels – one about to be published and the other finished just in time for Christmas. Most of my time was spent, here in Lewes, UK,  alone in my study writing but I had fun too. In the second half of last year, I traveled around England having an interesting time in London, Scarborough and Whitstable and, most exciting of all, my novel, Stephen Dearsley’s Summer of Love was published by Ward Wood Publishers. I also had some more poetry published taking the number of my published poems to 55 and I became a regular reader at a great poetry group in Camden. On the downside I got ‘flu, swallowed my gold tooth, my ceiling lamp nearly killed me and it rained a lot but I’m not complaining. 2013 was a very exciting year for me.

Sadly, I know, it wasn’t so good for others all over the World  who suffered from climatic disasters, vicious dictators and bereavements. I am thinking of all of this and more but, for now, quite selfishly, I want to celebrate one of the most exciting times of my life.

For those of you who had a bad 2013 (and to the rest of you too), I hope that you will have a much better 2014. Happy New Year everyone.

JULY 2013








My novel, Stephen Dearsley’s Summer Of Love, was published  on 31 October 2013. It is the story of a young fogey living in Brighton in 1967 who has a lot to learn when the flowering hippie counter culture changes him and the world around him.

It is now available as a paperback or on Kindle (go to your region’s Amazon site for Kindle orders)

You can order the book from the publishers, Ward Wood Publishing:
…or from Book Depository:

…or from Amazon:


  1. Yes, the world has its calamities and disasters, but celebrate everything you can. That's my motto. Wonderful photos! I'm going to have to finally order that book of yours (New Year's Resolution)! Happy New Year. And I hope we see more of you at Every Day Poets.

  2. Well thanks Kathleen! I hope you enjoy the book – I'm honoured to have you as a reader. I'm going to have a push on my poetry this year (my New Year's Resolution) so I plan to send some more poems your way – EDP has been very supportive and I'm truly grateful. Happy New Year!

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