A grey English day near the sea – time to read Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

Living in England, a small island North of the land mass known as Europe and, of course, a part of Europe, I am lucky enough to be able to see the sea without travelling very far.  Nine miles actually.
After some pleasantly warm weather though we’ve been plunged back into miserable below seasonal average temperatures and, yes, it has rained. It is at times like this, I think of the 19th Century English poet, Matthew Arnold. Maybe there’a a hidden Victorian in me but I have always loved Arnold’s poetry.  I can’t look at the English Channel, especially on a day like today without thinking of his hauntingly beautiful 1867 poem, Dover Beach. Today, after an epic writing session, I thought, instead of writing a blog,  I’d record myself reading this, one of my favourite poems. Well it saved any more typing and also gives me a chance to put up one of my photographs of Seaford, the nearest beach to my place.  I hope you enjoy it – if not, then just indulge me – it’s been one of those days.

Matthew Arnold (1822-1868)

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