A musical nerd’s iPod playlist.

Sometimes life gets too busy for decision-making or maybe it is because I have a Libran personality with that famous reluctance to make decisions or, most likely, I’m just a little bit OCD but recently I’ve taken to playing all the songs on my iPod in alphabetical order starting with A for About A Girl by Nirvana.

Now that is really no order at all – musically it is entirely random and therefore mostly surprizing. Well that is until I started to guess what would be up next. Actually I’m not sure if it says anything about me but it is making interesting listening. You might well hate it.

Here’s what I have been listening to down at the gym recently:

Buggin’   (The Flaming Lips)
Bullet Proof  (Radiohead)
Bummer In The Summer  (Love)
Butterfly  (Weezer)
Bye  (Eliot Smith)
California  (Low)
California  (Joni Mitchell)
Call Me Lightning  (The Who)
Can’t Make A Sound  (Eliot Smith)
Can’t Sleep  (Above & Beyond)
Candela    (Buena Vista Social Club)
Candles In The Rain   (Melanie)
Candy Perfume Girl  (Madonna)
Cannonball  (Damien Rice)
Cannons  (Youth Lagoon)
Caramel  (John Grant)
Carey  (Joni Mitchell)
Carol  (The Rolling Stones)
Carolina On My Mind  (Melanie)
Caroline No  (The Beach Boys)
Carry The Weight   (The Beatles)
A Case Of You  (Joni Mitchell)
Casimir Pulaski Day  (Sufjian Stevens)
Centre of Gravity  (Yo La Tengo)

I bet you can’t guess what will be coming up next –  four more songs are printed below for the music nerds amongst you. Before that here is the last song I’ve been listening to – the sexily laid back and so very mellow Yo La Tengo’s Centre of Gravity:

Chan Chan (Buena Vista Social Club)
Chance Meeting (Roxy Music)
Changes (David Bowie)
Chasing After Deer  (Midlake)

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