A new poetry anthology includes one of my poems among the first fruits of Autumn.

I got my copy of a new anthology today, The Four Seasons published by Kind of a Hurricane Press in Florida, USA.  I’m happy that they wanted to publish my short poem, Gardening Tips, in this collection of season-themed poetry.  The poem’s main theme is the impulse to plant daffodil bulbs in the cold days of Autumn so it was a pleasant coincidence that the book arrived around the same time that I took delivery of next spring’s daffodil and tulip bulbs for my small Lewes town garden.


I have put the box in my garden shed where it will sit until mid-November when I shall plant them in the cold earth. Why do I do this every Autumn? There’s a clue in the photograph below.

If you want to buy a copy of the paperback, here are some links to Amazon:

In the USA:


In the UK:


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