A pressing appointment for my legs.

I’m now in the second week of my new fitness regime set by my instructor Phil. He has got me working out on the weight machines three times a week with two days spent just doing a leisurely 25 minute run on the treadmill. Today I’ll be going down for the treadmill but yesterday I went for the burn on the machines. Phil has got me doing three set of fifteen repetitions with the stress move done with explosive speed until I can push no longer. It is tiring but exhilarating and nothing is as challenging as the leg press machine done at speed with one minute rests between repetitions. I am truly out of breath after each rep if i push myself to my limit.

This is a great exercise if you want to appreciate putting your feet up on the sofa when you get home – that’s exactly what I did last night thinking i might never get up again.  This morning I’m feeling good so I must be improving a bit with each session. I’ll be back on those machines tomorrow.

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