After the Olympics…if only.

I suspect I’m not the only one here in Britain who surprized himself by getting carried away by those Olympics. I watched them on television whenever I could but didn’t actually go to any of the events as I’m not a fan of crowd scenes. I did though travel through London a week ago and encountered some of those now famous “volunteers” who were every bit as delightful as everyone is saying. London glowed with an enthusiasm that I had never seen there before. I was crossing the city to catch a train from Liverpool Street Station to Norwich on what was threatening to be a nightmare journey due to the Olympic crowds. Far from being a nightmare, it was a genuine joy to witness if only from a distance such collective celebration. My train went very near to the Olympic Stadium which was buzzing like a bee hive – wonderful stuff. I was thrilled to see it in action.

I suppose, as cynics will tell us, that the Olympic glow will gradually fade and that Britain, will wake up to its austerity hangover but, if only, we could hold on to some of that camaraderie and, yes, I know it won’t happen but, if only one day……yes, I know, it won’t happen but if only all those nations could unite like the two guys above. You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.

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