Amazing film footage of San Francisco just days before the 1906 earthquake

Market Street, San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake.

It was a terrible event the San Francisco earthquake in 18th April 1906 – destroying most of the city and claiming over 3000 lives. It was doubly poignant to find this amazing piece of archive footage of Market Street, San Francisco shot on 14th April 1906 just four days before the devastating earthquake. doubly poignant because of the brilliant restoration job done to these images by Hardscrabble Pictures who not only produced a visually impressive print copy but, uniquely in my experience, added an incredibly realistic audio track of realistic street sound effects. The result is magical.

Sit back and take the journey down Market Street, enjoy the sounds and wonder at the traffic and at the crazy confidence of the pedestrians trying to weave their way between the vehicles. It is still astonishing to think what was about to happen to this street.

Bravo Hardscrabble Pictures – brilliant job.

Now look at this film, also from Market Street in 1906 – it shows the clean up after the earthquake. Shocking.



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  1. Unbelievable footage. I wonder who made the original film and for what purpose. I hope he survived the quake. My grandfather was born in a small town in Ohio in 1900. He used to tell me stories of a time when horses, cars and streetcars shared the road. I feel as though I've just returned from a time trip.

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