And now for a short intermission…….

I have taken the leap into the unknown after many years of using various Microsoft pcs, I have finally gone over to Apple and, yesterday, as the clouds emptied torrential rain onto me, I went off to my local Apple shop and bought my new computer…an iMac 27-inch 16.9 widescreen computer.

There were cheers from my Apple enthusiast friends and cries of wow from some of my Microsoft relations who think that I will never be able to cope with the different Apple system and who dread hysterical cyber-angry cries for help from me when things get confusing.

Well, time will tell. At the moment my exciting new machine is still in its box whilst I type this on my microsoft laptop.

Wish me luck and, I hope, a lot of fun, whilst I try to get started.

In the meanwhile, here is a short intermission from a more innocent time with some handy tips for a happy and healthy life….enjoy.


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