Another batch of photographs by wolfiewolfgang

Here are 40 more photographs – my final selection of pictures that I took over the last three years – if you missed the others look back over each August weekend. Let me know what you thought.

Also my poem, Wrestling Angels, is the poem for today on the poetry site Every Day Poets @  – have a read and if you want to, vote.

And now, Sunday, two of my new fibonacci poems are published in the Fib Review

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Piazza della Signoria, Florence
Matt and Daniel

Thomas Paine Festival, Lewes 2009

Coffee in the lounge, Bailiff’s Court Hotel, West Sussex
Cool dude, Lewes

Villa Bellini, Catania, Sicily

Santorini, Greece



Molluscan Suicide Bid
Henry at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond


Lewes Police Station

New Jersey night

Greek Beach 2
Morris Men 1

Morris Men 2
Kungfu – Dog Style, Fuzhou, China
Florence Cathedral

Marching Soldier

Douglas Pines


Final Embrace

Chicago Dodgers with dead hornet
Adam Plays Guitar

Mundane Appreciation Society

New Hope, Pennsylvania

Chinese children, Fujian Province, China

Florence Cathedral before the rain came down
Venice backwater

Three Shades of Alpaca

Spring Garden, Lewes

Fancy Dress Party

Sicilian Cloisters, Monreale Cathedral

Window Shopping, Palermo


Backstreets of Palermo

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