April is looking at May in my garden.

It is overcast this morning but warm and there is a sense of rampant fertility in the air as the English Spring comes to its climax here in Lewes in Sussex.

I have a new addition to my garden, the marvelously decadent purple flowered magnolia (Magnolia nigra “Susan”) which will have to remain in a pot so that it can come centre stage as it blooms but get pushed to one side when its flowers are replaced by rather dull leaves. Now though, it is making a dramatic montage with the cherry blossom. There is just one opened bud on the espalier apple tree but I am hoping that it will flower before the cherry tree is over.

I have planted out my runner beans now as well as the next stage in my potted allotment and hope that a last minute frost won’t take away the frail-looking plants which should brighten up a relatively dull part of the garden..

The outlook from my back door is still looking good now that the second batch of tulips is coming into flower. So, as April turns into May, England enters one of its most beautiful seasons. All I need now is for the sun to shine on my Chinese Straight Sword lesson in the park.

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