Arriving with the New Year, the first of my primroses.

Christmastide feasting is a sensible idea when the daylight hours are short and when we all need some time for social recuperation but it can also be a rather indoor pursuit. Now that the feasting is almost done, well, here in Lewes, UK, anyway, it is time to look outside again and to see what has been going on in the natural world. My small town garden may not be entirely natural but it was wonderful to wander out there this week and to find that my primroses have started to flower. What better way to feel hope in the new year than to see these joyful plants celebrating life’s renewal.

Primroses are one of the glories of Europe’s natural flora and I’m glad to live in that part of the World where even the dullest winter day can produce something as inspiring as these “first roses” – primroses, the prima rosa.  The formal name is Primula vulgaris but there is nothing vulgar about these delicately shaded flowers.

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