As August ends, I haven’t given up on Summer here in my Lewes garden.

Just when I’d begun to think that summer had deserted these shores, the weather turned the heat up again.   I live in the small town of Lewes, UK and, after a couple of disappointingly cool weeks with a lot of rain and far too many black clouds, it all got back to how it ought to be here in my urban garden.

I’m told the temperatures are going to rise even more next week as high air pressure arrives from across the Atlantic. I’m glad about this not just because i like to spend as much time as I can out of doors but all those annual plants were beginning o think it was past their packing in time. Instead they’ve all perked up prepared to give flowering at least another chance.

The garden is looking just as I planned it – slightly mad, you might think, but I like that spirit of controlled chaos that is actually more difficult to achieve than you might think. It makes me happy anyway – especially when the nasturtiums go on their late summer rampage.

I was even content enough to sit out there without having to referee the battle between the dahlias and the gladioli. I hope the sun shines on you all too. I’m going to enjoy it while I can. My old Borsalino hat agrees.

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