Back from the Beach

Yesterday morning I was here on a beach in Sicily where the temperature was soaring towards 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) but this morning I am home in Lewes, England sizzling in a perfectly pleasant 19 Celsius (67 Fahrenheit) – yes, I know but at least I seem to have missed two weeks of English rain whilst I was away.

I haven’t caught up yet with what went on whilst I was exploring the wonderful island of Sicily, but so far I gather that there has been rioting in Greece over austerity legislation, celebrations in New York where they have legalised same sex marriages, tragedy in Afghanistan with Al Qaeda activity in Kabul, a new but hardly surprizing head of the International Monetary Fund, the elegant French finance minister Christine Lagarde who appears to be immune to making passes at hotel staff and here in Britain more depressing financial news as our naive and accident-prone government steers the good ship Britain towards the rocks. Oh yes, there is Wimbledon so it is bound to rain.

Today though the sun is shining, my garden has gone wild and I can return to wondering what is happening over the road at the shop that used to be Ron’s. It is good to be back.

There will be more about Sicily to come so stay tuned and, thank you all for staying with this website whilst I was away – it was good to see that so many readers used the time to browse through past postings.

Meanwhile I have to get used to a different room with a view.

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