Back in the garden for a bloody battle with the roses.

 On Sunday, I finally got round to getting out in my garden to do the big sort out for the Spring.

Weeded, trimmed and pruned, my small town garden here in Lewes still took a full day of digging, cutting and weeding.

 Now, I can look out of my window with a smug, contented feeling knowing that, at least for now, I’m winning out there. The roses that will cover the trellises by early summer, fought hard against my efforts with the secateurs but some sort of imposed order was agreed in the end.

My hands were the only casualty as I find the wearing of gardening gloves much to restricting when I need to get in there amongst the rose stems – thorns or no thorns. In the end the secateurs’ handles were slippery with blood but no permanent damage was done to me or the roses.

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