Barrack Obama and David Cameron: who is the coolest kid on the block?

Who is the coolest kid on the block? Well Dave Cameron tries too hard and that is never cool. Barrack Obama is more at home with this sort of thing but then High Fives are an American thing after-all. Maybe the answer is neither of them is cool. The whole event is staged for the cameras, as we know, and intended to show the President in a good light in his domestic media as part of next year’s re-election campaign. He wants us all to see that he is at ease around the World even with stuffed shirts like the British Prime Minister. Dave, of course, is desperate to look like Barrack’s best friend so he would do anything to make us believe that – even make a tit of himself as he so often does in public. We will always be tricked into thinking these are casual snap shots of the great and good even though they are all so manipulated so let’s just accept them and laugh.

Photo opportunities are a dangerous – you have to get them right. Have a look at Dave and Barrack and decide just who is the coolest of the two:

A private word in Dave’s ear: Give up mate! Barrack Obama knows how to give speeches too.



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