Be warned: You never know who is going to drop in when you have Skype.

It is a marvelous thing technology – new barriers are being broken down all the time it seems and this week, another was demolished for me.

There I was, getting on with some writing, when what do you think happened? All those childhood nightmares rolled into one.  Yes, my mother suddenly appeared on the screen and I was suddenly not alone in my study – a room that suddenly felt like a teenager’s bedsit.

‘So what are you doing?” I was asked – she didn’t need to ask because she could see. Luckily I was being a good boy. I had had my hair cut last week, I had washed behind my ears and I even had a clean shirt.

My mother has discovered Skype and now there will be no peace. In future I shall have to be careful about what I look like and what I am doing when that Skype alarms rings.

Life will never be the same again – in fact it will be like the old days when I was about three years old. Actually, I quite like the sound of that.

At least my mother is not alone in her direct manner – take a look at this piece of maternal demolition:


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