Black day for a black cat

I have sad news about my friend the neighbourly and charming black cat who has been my intermitten companion this year.

She arrived in the neighbourhood and in my garden earlier this year and decided, with no encouragement from me, to become my friend. It was not always convenient – especially when she became a very close companion when I was practising my taichi.

Soon she was not only interested in being my outdoor friend…..

..she was always sitting on the window sill waiting to be let in…..and, at times, she was a bizarre outline lying in the heat on my kitchen’s skylight.

One thing that never changed though was her very generously given affection.

Of course, in the end, she made it across the threshhold….and onto my bed……..

…she liked to sit behind me on whilst I was was writing – so, I guess, you could say we were friends. Sad then that she was cornered in one of our new neighbour’s gardens recently by one of their large, unsupervised and, I fear, under-exercised dogs. It was a terrifying death for such a gentle and loving creature. I shall miss her.


  1. Oh no! I just saw this… I'm so sorry!

    When I was about ten years old one of our dogs killed a new kitten I had recently taken in and I'll never forget seeing it shake the poor little thing in it's jaws… very difficult to lose a pet that way …. even if it's one that just strayed into your life.

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