Blue and yellow with a dash of red – my Lewes garden this weekend.

 I was away from home most of last week because of a family crisis and, sorry readers, had to take  leave from this blog too for a few days. I returned though to a warm welcome of blue and yellow in my small urban garden here in Lewes UK.  Hyacinths,  bought years ago in Amsterdam, are at their fragrant best and make a great contrast to yellow and green.

I have an abundance of grape hyacinths too (no relation), Muscari, that I used to consider a bit dull but now I have been converted to their vibrant punctuation of my Spring  bulb bed.

My giant daffodils have found the moment of glory too, a month after the smaller variaties started to liven up the scene from my back windows. The little apple tree has opened its leaves too – always a joyful sign of hope to my simple mind.

My wall of roses too has burst into leaf and, if you look carefully, you’ll see that my red camellia has started to bloom too.

Spring is all about yellow, purple and blue, so a dash of red is a splendid contrast and there are many more buds waiting  to open.

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