Brach Mound in Lewes – Does the Sussex Historical Society want to change it into a Sycamore Jungle?

Brach Mound forms the backdrop to my days here in Lewes, UK. It was part of the Norman castle fortifications and probably Bronze age ones too. It also brings the countryside to me right in the middle of town.

It is “cared” for by the Sussex Archaeological Society who usually send two brawny guys to give it a hair-cut once a year. This year, maybe a part of the austerity age of budget cuts, the Mound has been “allowed” or rather left to grow.

What is pretty today will be an over-grown forrest if the neglect carries on because those lovely green leaves that dominate my view are young Sycamore trees – Nature’s bully boys who want to turn into giants and who plan to take over the World.

I don’t know what the Sussex Historical Society is planning apart from ignoring some of my neighbours’ letters of anxiety but I trust that they will do what they are expected to do and look after this precious site.

In the meanwhile, there’s always a bright side if you only look for it, those baby trees have encouraged bird-life back to my garden and I am entertained by the songs of thrushes and blackbirds, the coing of doves and the high-pitched whistling of swallows. I can also hear the neurotic sounds of baby birds attention-seeking their parents for worms. Delightful.

So I am enjoying what I hope will be a short interlude in the life of this interesting and atmospheric site hoping that I am not watching the birth of a Sycamore jungle.

If you’re not as fortunate as me to hear some of these wonderful British song birds, listen to this recording for a few moments and let it take you off for a meditation in the English countryside.


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