Bramley Seedling Apples are ready for picking in my small Lewes garden.

September here in Lewes in the UK is ending with mild sunny weather and my Bramley Seedling cooking apples are now ready for picking.

My small town garden has produced a fine crop in only the espalier tree’s second year here.

They have now got that seductive blush which tells me that apple pies are imminent.

If I get time this weekend, I shall try to show you the end products.

But for the moment you will just have to enjoy the autumnal feel of my little garden with its handfull of roses still in bloom. Like the ever faithful Celebration.

but you will not be able to smell the delicious vanilla perfume coming from my purple heliotrope flowers – one of this year’s big gardening successes in my little patch.

Oh, and as it is now Autumn (Fall), Horace the spider has returned – here he is trying to get in by my bedroom window. He would like to say hello to all his fans at home and abroad.

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