Breakfast returns to normal – phew.

My delightfully wicked breakfast the other day inspired a lot of interest and more than a little envy in my blog followers so I’m sorry to report that breakfast has returned to normal: my wholesomely respectable home-made muesli with skimmed milk and a mug of Italian coffee from freshly ground beans.

Don’t think badly of me and accuse me of obsessive behaviour when you see the muesli shelves that provide the raw ingredients for my morning routine – seeds, nuts, some oats, wheat germ and dried cranberries or apricots and prunes. I like everything to be in its right place because then my brain can have a lie in.

The other part of the routine is a look through The Times (of London) and The New York Times  (of New York) on my wonderfully portable Renaissance library, my Kindle. Any self-respecting democrat should read at least two daily papers if they want to try and find out what is really going on out there.


  1. Colin,

    I discovered the cafe two blocks away from the new house serves an English Breakfast so I had one in your honor yesterday. It was only slightly healthier since I don't eat meat.

    That said, I prefer the muesli breakfast to just about any other and yours looks delicious.

    Now if I could just start exercising…The 90+ degree weather coming on this week is not much help. Does writing poems count?


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