Brighton is full of surprizes

I have known Brighton here in the UK all of my life and in many ways define myself or contrast myself with it and always have done. It is hugely familiar, cosily so at times, I’ve lived here, been to school here and done most of the things I have ever done here for the first time – well almost.  It can though still surprize me as it did the other day walking down familiar old St James’ Street with its exotic mix of shops, decadently down-at-all Regency housing and colourful pedestrians.

Suddenly there it was changing the landscape for me, jolting me into a reappraisal of this very odd town, sorry, city but, honouring the architectural heritage of this place as I do, I was instantly beguiled by this Brighton’s latest attraction.

I may never pay the money and go up there on the so-called Brighton Wheel – it is really the Brighton Eye but we’re not allowed to copy London – I may be underwhelmed by it when I’m right up close to it by the pier but here, coming to it unexpectedly and seeing it completing on of the town’s, er, sorry, city’s typical streets, well, I just love it.

Somehow it was always meant to be there – so welcome.

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