Britain and France at war again – now come on chaps!

Well here we go again – all those centuries of Anglo-French hostility are back again after British prime minister, David Cameron’s euroveto tantrum and then France’s retaliation with some bitchy words about the British economy. I think Dave started it and will live to regret it but, come on chaps, you are meant to be politicians and diplomats so, please, it’s time you both grew up. This is not a schoolboys’ game of soldiers, it is the future of Europe you are messing around with.

Let’s keep the hostilities as just a bit of our collective history, we don’t really want to fight any more, or do we…the way some of  our less savoury Conservative backbenchers talk I suspect they wouldn’t mind getting out the cannons again.

Remember what it used to be like…, with some rousing tunes, is Beethoven’s take on Anglo-French agression….on that occasion, with some help from the Duke of Wellington, the British won, this new economic war could have an altogether different outcome. The Beethovenian who edited the pictures to this video got a bit carried away with his Union Jack waving but let’s listen to it in the spirit of fun especially as it was written by a German. If that is not irony enough then afterwards scroll down for another piece of German frivolity, Wagner’s interpretation of rule Britannia….hope I am not inciting to riot.

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