Call me superficial but I’m in love with my new shoes.



My Dr Hu Light Wing Franklin Hi-Tops
I know that they’re only a pair of shoes and, yes, I know that there’s a danger in me coming over as one hopelessly vain and superficial person, but I’m in love with my new shoes. Yep, sorry to admit it but it’s true.
They’re called Dr. Hu Light Wing Franklin Hi-Tops and they’ve just arrived from San Francisco where that pioneering clothes company Betabrand, allow potential customers to ‘crowdfund’ experimental new garments and only pay for them if they actually go into production. When I saw the photographs of the design, I wondered if I wore them in public but, hell no, they’re wonderful and very comfortable  and, if I look silly in them, well, I just don’t care.
By crowdfunding, and I’ve done this before, I like to think that I’ve done my bit to encourage designers to take risks.
So, call me superficial if you will, I’m head over heels with these shoes.
If you want to find out more about Betabrand, here’s the link:

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  1. Your shoes are quite nice and colourful, as far as men’s shoes and trainers go. BUT I do understand that you love these shoes. I LOVE shoes as well. Unfortunately I can hardly ever get a pair that I really like to fit me. Well, I do sometimes. Clarks or K shoes. Damn.
    I like your garden.
    Regards from Gabriele

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