Celebrating the Autumn Equinox doesn’t have to be a pagan party… but have one if you want.

Between today and tomorrow, the Earth’s Equator lies directly beneath the Sun dividing the Northern and Southern hemispheres into two equal halves with equal day and night. Autumn begins in the North and Spring begins in the South. This season is all about equality and balance and has been marked by ceremonies and rituals since ancient times.

Without joining a cult or reviving an ancient religion, it is still possible to gain something from this most atmospheric of seasons even though it is no longer celebrated as a major festival. There is no need to throw a party, consume large amounts of alcohol or to carnival but you could do so if you want. Sometimes, it is enough just to pause for a moment, to watch the seasonal change, the gradual alteration in the position of the Sun and to feel your position in the World.

Here in the Northern hemisphere the Equinox also marks Harvest time when the full Moon, the Harvest Moon,  is visible for longer than at any other time in the year because its orbit brings it closest to the Earth so it rises earlier and sets later and appears brighter than normal. We don’t have to worship the Sun or the Moon but we should take a moment to contemplate the majesty of this glorious season. That’s what I shall try to do.

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