Cheers Mr President – I hope the Queen pours you a pint and tells you about Ryan Giggs and Imogen Thomas

It has been good seeing the American President’s charming photo opportunities in Ireland – pity the Queen didn’t get a pint too when she was there but she didn’t look as disappointed as her husband when that tantalising glass stayed firmly in its place on the bar.

Hopefully, President Obama will have time for a few pints at Buckingham Palace with the royal couple during his state visit to Britain. Even if they don’t have a Guinness together, I am sure there will be time for a good old catch-up chat about how things are going in the old “mother country” or should that read old mother’s country?  We, of course are only talking about one thing here in England and if the President wants to get the story straight from the, er, horse’s mouth, then maybe he should have a quick pint with the man himself, Manchester United football legend, a certain Mr Ryan Giggs. A pint with the lads is a traditional manly thing, after-all and it would make a great newspaper photo opportunity.

I think I am allowed to mention the Ryan-Giggs name now in spite of the English court’s “superinjunction” banning anyone from mentioning Mr Giggs’ alleged sexual relations with that woman Imogen Thomas, a nice girl who has earned her money by taking any opportunity to appear in any photo going.

Maybe, it would be fun for the Queen to invite Ryan Giggs and Imogen Thomas round to meet the Obamas over a few pints then Mr President would know just what gets Britain going. I am publishing the second picture of Imogen Thomas because the first one is a bit fuzzy. Oh THAT Imogen Thomas, I hear you say.

Here is a matching “chest shot” of Ryan Giggs just to avoid charges of sexism here.

So the “superinjunction” didn’t work. Ryan Thomas, I mean Giggs, paid thousands of pounds to stop the media talking about his alleged sexual relations with Imogen Giggs, I mean, Thomas, desperate to keep his name out of the papers. And what a story! Aging football star has sex with topless model. Read all about it! Not another  story about football stars and models, we would have said, yawning. Oh well, sorry, you can’t read about it anyway, we were told, because the very rich football star is throwing money at his lawyers so that the courts will keep his, er, good name.

What is the value of a good name you may wonder. Think Tiger Woods if you haven’t clocked what all these “superinjunctions” are about yet. It’s the economy stupid – there is a load of dosh in selling your good name to a whole range of wholesome advertising campaigns. Now you wouldn’t want to buy something associated with a randy footballer and his well-endowed lover would you?

I am sure the Queen will tell President Obama all about it and then he will be pleased he took the trouble to drop in for a bit of expensive British gossip.

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