Chicken for dinner and I am suddenly popular again.

 My very friendly neighbour’s cat was even friendlier than usual yesterday and decided to climb to the third floor window to my study and call me through the glass. I think it must be love because she sat there for over an hour looking pretty desperate to come in.

In case you are wondering, the crack in the glass occurred some time ago, in the days before I bought my Japanese water cannon and when another neighbour’s dreadful and noisy un-castrated (until I catch him)  tom cat was spraying my tomato pots. I knocked on the window so violently that my fist nearly went through the glass.

My nice new friend though is not at all like that, she just wants to show me her unselfish love.

Oh yes, it might also have been something to do with the chicken I was roasting for lunch to a Victorian recipe that told me to stuff the bird with my own chicken liver stuffing and which went very well with the giblet and white wine gravy.

I was surprized how good it tasted but it did seem rather unwolf-like to cook it at all. I only did it because my good friend and relative, Henry, was coming to lunch. Normally wolves prefer their chickens squawking and fully feathered. I hope this isn’t going to spoil me – I could get into the cookery thing.

Well, folks, if you have been following the sad tale of the, well respected Lewes estate agent Oakley’s  For Sale sign, you would have, like me, assumed that it would have come down last Friday, just like the nice man from their office promised it would. Did it come down? Nope, it is still there. it is now six weeks since I was first told that it would come down and well over two years since it went up. Suggestions please  if you have any bright ideas.


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