Christmas cards say so much about you – be careful what you send.

I hope you’ve sent off your Christmas (Holiday) cards by now but, just in case you haven’t found the ideal image to represent yourselves to your nearest and dearest at this family time, here are some charming festive greetings from around the world. Those Christmas mantelpieces would be duller places without them.

There are few secrets in this family – unfortunately. Sometimes more is less…especially in the nightwear department. Hope Santa brought him a t-shirt or maybe some dumbells.

Maybe, here too, we should remember that we can’t all be as glamourous as we think. Mrs Santa could, I humbly suggest, rethink the black shoes and socks.

This would be perfect if you want to make sure those boring in-laws don’t invite you round for mincepies and cheap sherry this Christmas.

They may have thought they looked romantic but this one should go straight down the police station. Scary. Anyway, he’s much too tall for her.

This was a brave card I thought. Most of us keep our funny little habits to ourselves especially the embarrassing ones but this family just doesn’t care. Why should they? It’s all harmless fun and you can’t wear too much pink these days. They too must be enjoying Christmas knowing that no one is going to invite them to a family party.

I tried to read the symbolism here without saying the phrase “old trout” but, sadly, I failed. They look jolly enough though and I’m hoping the fish is for cooking.  I think I’ll send them an invite for my Christmas sherry party but I’ll try to suggest they change their pullovers  and wash their hands before they come round.

No! These people are terrifying. Don’t be taken in by those grins. Don’t invite them round and, please someone,  rescue those cats, now.

We should leave this couple alone – they’ve got Christmas lunch sorted but why eat it in the sauna? Weird.

If there was ever a plea for help it is here. Get me out of here, this guy is crazy!!! He took this photo in July.

It looks pretty hot in this cosy household.  Mum looks happy enough or is that Christmas hysteria? Don’t go in without knocking.

I’ve heard of kids looking up the chimney for their presents but this little girl is decidedly over-optimistic. The boy has obviously already explored his nostrils and found nothing he wanted for Christmas.

Loving the nasal greetings card as I do, my favourite comes last in this jolly set. At least you know there’ll be no sentimentality round their lunch table.

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