Christmas is over so it’s time for a change of tea cosy

Twelfth Night, the last breath of the Christmas season was fun this year even if this photograph of my own Twelfth Night debris is a sobering experience when looked at in the light of day. On the day after a feast such as this, my body cries out for a nice cup of tea.

Christmas is now packed away for another year and that includes the special Christmas tea cosy that is part of the set of seasonal tea cosies designed and knitted by my rather inventive mother. The Christmas one replaced the autumn cosy at the beginning of Advent but now it’s time for the winter cosy with it snowfall theme. In case you didn’t realize, a tea cosy is not a luxury, it is essential if you are to have that perfect cup of English tea. Clever stuff.

Oh, I almost forgot, here’s a song:

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