Computers – don’t you love ’em.

There is nothing like one of those Sundays when the sun is shining and you don’t have anything in particular to do but mooch about fiddling with things and thinking tranquil thoughts about nothing very much and, if the truth be known, with a slight but not unpleasant hangover.

Yesterday was meant to be like that….a bit of deadheading around the roses and coffee in the garden…..well after I had turned on the computer of course to check messages, nothing too arduous.

It doesn’t come on though does it! Then it does and it crashes and then a whole lot of unintelligible letters fill the screen before the whole thing closes down.

I am not the most IT literate of people but yesterday I just had to get down to it and to try and sort things out.

I hope you are all crossing your fingers because I am as I write this hoping that the next time I turn the thing off it will actually start again properly. I actually think that I have cured the fault and that might well be a computer first for me.

My brain of course is scrambled – stressed and confused by all the annoying things that computers throw at you when you just want to have fun in the sun.

As I step away from the machine though, the tension subsides and my mind, like the sky outside, is pure, clear blue. Wish me luck on the next time I try to come online but now I am off outside.

Well, I turned the computer on this morning and, triumph of triumphs, it works……pity about the rain though.

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