Cooking apples straight from my Lewes garden.

Yesterday was my birthday, mine and Bruce Springsteen’s, so it seemed appropriate somehow to harvest my Bramley Seedling cooking apples…well I am sure Bruce would appreciate a good apple pie – I know I do and my little Bramley espalier tree, planted last year, was ready to offer up its first crop.

They are the best apples for apple pies and I was really pleased to get a bucket full of them this year.

Sad though to denude the little tree when it was looking so perfectly decorated with fruit.

The apples were in good condition and one hundred percent insect and caterpillar free.

There were enough for two pies…one for today as a birthday treat and the other will freeze until Christmas.

Here is the first pie……

…it tasted just about perfect especially with a dollop of clotted cream. Pity Bruce missed out.

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