Daffodils in the rain – the English spring.

I might be the only person that I know who likes daffodils in the rain. I particularly enjoy the smell of my wet narcissi, those highly perfumed early daffodils, that sit outside my French windows here in Lewes in the UK. There is something too about those luscious early spring leaves when they are saturated with morning raindrops. They brought my grape hyacinths (Muscari) into bloom too.- a welcome hint of blue amongst the yellow and green. So let it rain – I am not complaining as long as it doesn’t go on for much longer.

Then the sun came out…..

…and my back yard is an evocative mix of blues and yellows…..

…and, up the the garden proper, my camellia has come into bloom with my first red of the year. Perfect.

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