Damned computers!

I woke up this morning to find that there was a problem with my broadband connection. The engineer told me that it was a network issue and it was being worked on but might mean that I would be off-line for most of the day. After a lot of cursing, some rethinking and a large mug of coffee, I noticed that it wasn’t raining and then that the sun was shining. On further exploration, I discovered that the temperature outside was actually pleasantly warm. Damned computers, I thought, I’ll have to work in the garden.

You know this pencil and paper thing could catch on.

Sorry the blog was late but it was much too enjoyable writing outside.


  1. That looks as morbidly self-indulgent as the above bacon & eggs breakfast.

    For your penance I would suggest three Hail Marys and a stint of writing in my own garden this weekend where the temperature is to reach 97F/36C. ("That oughta learn ya" as they say here in the American Midwest.)

  2. I'm gonna go on a run – penance enough I think – the Puritans left on the Mayflower.

    So you are back in the States? Hot and loving it I trust.

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