David and Sam Cameron get hacked on the beach.

A lip-reader joined the team to tell us what the British Prime Minister, David Cameron was talking about to his wife Sam. I hope this isn’t really  hacking:

Dave: You know Sam, my sweet, I am really sorry I keep getting things wrong I mean it,  really sorry.

Sam: I know darling but don’t be so harsh on yourself.

Dave: This prime minister thing is much harder than I thought it would be.

Sam: It’s not your fault. You weren’t to know. I just thought it would be fun too.

Dave: I wasn’t to know that that newspaper chappie was going to turn out, well, as not one of us.

Sam: Hardly anyone of us thought he was a problem. Actually, I was pleased to see you having a few common people to talk to about things. He knew all about how ordinary people live and, frankly, my love, what do we know about any of that stuff!

Dave: Well, I messed up, for sure.

Sam: But you said you were sorry, just like a good little boy. That was so sweet, Dave, going to the Commons and owning up like that.

Dave: Well, I can’t keep apologising for everything that goes wrong – I would never stop!

Sam: Wait a minute, I’ve an idea!

Dave: Oh no! Not another bright idea!

Sam: No listen to me like you always do. That is just what you should do: apologise for everything – you do it so well. Tell the people that you are sorry about the economy going from bad to worse, that all your ideas about getting manufacturing going again didn’t work, you are sorry that things are not going to plan in Libya and Afghanistan too and you are sorry for loads of things, just like I know you are. You are sorry you don’t get on with the Americans and everyone in Europe ignores you. You know, you are sorry that you got confused over the health service and that thing with selling off forests and, hey, there are loads of things my love. People will love you for your cute openness, I just know they will.

Dave: You know, you might be on to something here, my little dumpling. Yes, I could say I am sorry about India! You remember, I made that big fuss of visiting it with loads of businessmen and told everyone that we were going to increase our trade out there. Well now I hear that our trade with India hasn’t gone up since then, it has gone down. I should apologise, brilliant! Just say I got it wrong and I’m sorry. You know, I am feeling incredibly optimistic again about things.

Sam: There you are, Dave, my love. It is never as bad as you think. Well, it is usually worse of course but that is why I love you so – you are such an optimist…and, who knows, one day you might get something right.

Dave: Hey! Watch it! Let’s go for a swim.

Sam: I don’t think so, love. You will only get photographed looking like a prat again.

Dave: Yes, you’re right. Sorry!

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