David Cameron announces twice as much Olympic glitter…£80 million of it.

Here in Austerity Britain, our Prime Minister, the ever-charismatic David Cameron has announced that he is doubling the £40 million budget for next year’s opening and closing Olympic Games ceremonies. I make that £80 million for a bit of sparkle and glitter.

These Olympic dancers looked thrilled and I am sure it will be a lovely show if you like camp crowd scenes and lots of lighting effects.

Mr Cameron was urged to double his money after seeing what a mere £40 million gets you in Olympic ceremonial and he is making big claims for how many billions of pounds will come flooding in to Britain after the whole World watches his two variety shows which will be given a “Britain Is Great” theme. I am not convinced. Maybe there are better uses for all that money. For instance, instead of starving the BBC of funds and endangering the future of the BBC World Service,  they should just show a re-run of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and put the rest of the money into the beleaguered broadcasting corporation’s depleted coffers otherwise, before long, British broadcasting will just be an advert showing the World that “Britain Was Great Once.”

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