Dawn and David Stacey: two pictures by two friends.

At least two of the people I celebrated Twelfth Night with this year are artists and they just also happen to be married. David and Dawn Stacey are, I think, a talented pair. I have one of Dawn’s paintings on my living room wall and it always draws comments from visitors. She has a distinctive style and this, one of her Lewes paintings, is a fascinating mix of the familiar and the obscure. I see something new in it every time I look.

Dave is a photographer, mostly of intriguing landscapes but he also has an interest in portraiture and this rather frightening photograph of me is certainly unconventional. I really like it and I’m content to hear people tell me that it isn’t very flattering. Maybe I should ask Dave for a print to hang on the wall or would that be just too scary? Like Dawn’s painting, every time I look at Dave’s photograph I see another fascinating mix of the familiar and the obscure. I think he must’ve noticed that I’m not always joking. Clever stuff. I see something new in this every time I look too.

I like both pictures and I’m delighted to have interesting friends – so thanks Dawn and Dave for everything not just your art.

If you’re interested in seeing more of their work here are links to their websites:



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