A Day at the Races

Fin Vin De Leu ridden by Peter Toole – my first bet of the day. They came, er, somewhere between the front and the back.

As the big race to the British General Election is announced today, I am still thinking of my day at Plumpton Races on Easter Sunday – it was just as exciting as our politics is about to become.
Like our political parties I had my dark horses, my surprizes and disappointments and, as with the forth-coming election, there were no dead certs for winners.

I put £5 on a horse called Fin Vin De Leu and I never say my money again. It was exciting though going through the range of emotions from confidence, uncertainty, confusion and then disappointment as my horse got lost in the middle of the losers somewhere.

There were a lot of seriously expert punters at Plumpton that day – they were all studying form with an intensity that made me feel like an amateur.

It was obvious that these guys knew just who was who and what was what.

I suspect this lady knows where to place her bets.

I put another of my £5 notes on the nose, as they say, of Hobb’s Dream, a fine looking horse who was well-tipped to win so I thought I would play safe.

As Hobb’s Dream walked around the paddock before the race, I began to wonder if I had made a mistake as he looked a bit on the gentle side as if he would rather be curled up on a nice bed of straw at the back of his stables.

Jockey Mark Quinlan did his best to wake the poor beast up but Hobb’s Dream most definitely didn’t make my fortune that day.

I think this man had more money that I did on Hobb’s Dream’s nose.

It looks like that serious form studying paid off for her though.

On another race, I decided to go with the Favourite, this was an unmissable chance to hold on to the next £5. Lord Singer ridden by jockey Jamie Moore was seen as the best horse of the day so I thought I just couldn’t lose this time. Sadly, Jamie Moore tried to stop Lord Singer running off too quickly at the beginning and never managed to get the wretched animal to get going again.

Lord Singer and Jamie Moore coming in last

No one could believe it.

Except for the lucky winner of course.

Every horse has its day and, in the end, my time came too. Star Galaxy ridden by Rhys Flint had a truly exciting run on the alarmingly soft turf and I cheered him all the way up and beyond the winning post.

Star Galaxy ridden by Rhys Flint gallops ahead of She’s Humble.

My horse with my £5 note on his nose makes it past the winning post.

I love you Star Galaxy.

Yet again there were the winners……

…and the losers…

…but a lot of fun was had and many barrels of beer consumed.

I hope that the British General Election will be as much fun….but there are no favourites in that race.

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