Discovery Apples – the last temptation of summer.

I am about to eat this apple but I thought I would share it with you first. It is one of my favourites, Discovery, and it is also one of the earliest fruiting of English apples often being ready in August and, when the season for them is over, heralding, for me, the beginning of Autumn.

This will be my first taste of Discovery this year because it has been a slow disappointing summer, and I am relishing the idea already so forgive me if I hurry off now – I have never been very good at delayed pleasures.

For me, a good apple has to be savoured and Discovery is well worth, er, discovering.  First of all buff up its skin and take in the sweet scent of late Summer. Just as with a good wine, stimulating your sense of smell will activate your taste buds and prepare you well for the seductively sweet taste.

I do not know this for sure but I believe that it was a variety of Discovery that the Serpent showed Eve that day in the Garden of Eden. I do know for sure though that, if I were Adam, I would have beaten them both to the tree.

Like Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything except temptation.


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