Doodling Fibonacci on the train

I was in London for my monthly date with Camden-Lumen Poetry on Friday and so I spent some time on the Lewes to London Victoria train (about an hour) – a perfectly pleasant journey from rural Sussex through the many outer skirts of South London and over the always inspiring vista of the River Thames to Victoria Station itself, famous as the location for Miss Prism’s lost novel in Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest. I had some writing in my “handbag” too but luckily I didn’t lose it. I often use that hour on the train as Fibonacci poetry writing time.

I was given a small doodling book some time ago and it always travels with me, as you can probably see by its rain blotched cover. I’ve been sketching poetry in it for a few years now so it has turned into not just a sketch pad but a record of poetical ideas in their earliest stages that either came off or that didn’t. I always take a small pencil case containing pencils, a rubber (eraser) and a pencil sharpener too. With these tools, I never really fear being stranded on a broken down train – it would only be a stolen writing opportunity. So I was just fine on Friday night – the journey sped by very pleasantly.

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