Easter Chicks turn helmets into bonnets

I live in Lewes in East Sussex where we do things differently. No one reminds me more about my home town’s delightful eccentricity than the new owner of the shop that used to be Crocodile Rock just across the road from my house.

Where else would you find a shop window with such a charmingly ridiculous display?

The helmets decorating Phase Consultants’ Health and Safety shop – http://phaseconsultants.com – were wonderful enough with their Village People references and their celebration of primary colours but……..

…..the Easter chickens that turn helmets into Easter bonnets is just brilliant.

I still like the silver helmet most but now, if I ever own one, I know what I shall have to put on top.

Happy Easter everyone – especially to James, the shop’s witty owner, who has made me smile all week.

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