The English Summer: it rained and it rained and it rained….and then it got boring.

My proper camera got busted in Italy when I jammed the memory card too roughly into it and it is still away with nice Mr Cannon who is mending it for no small amount of money. In the meanwhile, I have been forced to use the little camera on my iPhone and have found that it is much better than I thought.

This strange picture was taken yesterday from my study window. Those streaks are not blemishes they are the camera’s rendering of the massive rainfall that nearly flooded my garden in less than an hour. I know other parts of the World have had more dramatic weather than us here in temperate England but all this rain is becoming a bit of bore with 2012 marking the 8th consecutive wet English summer. Afterwards I could only get to the dustbin (trashcan) by wearing a pair of wellington boots in water up over my ankles.

I have often drawn inspiration from the pages of that great writer A.A. Milne and today is no different:

‘IT rained and it rained and it rained. Piglet told himself that never in all his life, and he was goodness knows how old–three, was it, or four?–never had he seen so much rain. Days and days and days.

“If only,” he thought, as he looked out of the window, “I had been in Pooh’s house, or Christopher Robin’s house, or Rabbit’s house when it began to rain, then I should have had Company all this time, instead of being here all alone, with nothing to do except wonder when it will stop.” And he imagined himself with Pooh, saying, “Did you ever see such rain, Pooh?” and Pooh saying, “Isn’t it awful, Piglet?” and Piglet saying, “I wonder how it is over Christopher Robin’s way,” and Pooh saying, “I should think poor old Rabbit is about flooded out by this time.” It would have been jolly to talk like this, and really, it wasn’t much good having anything exciting like floods, if you couldn’t share them with somebody.’

From Winnie The Pooh by A.A. Milne.

Well, so far today, the sun has shone but rain is forecast for later. I wonder how it is over Christopher Robin’s way.

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