English Summer, we loved you here in Lewes, UK. We’re so sad you had to go.

It’s been a wonderful Summer this year here in Lewes, UK. After a lot of disappointingly dull years, the sun just shone here for months. This was last Thursday: the sky was blue, the temperature rose to over  30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and the flag was fluttering nonchalantly on Lewes Castle.

The good weather even inspired the owner of my neighbourhood store to get bright a yellow repaint.

My small courtyard garden soaked up the heat and helped raise the temperature even higher.

It’s wonderful when September is like this in England. It feels like High Summer but flaunts Autumn’s fruitfulness. Perfect.

My roses like it too and they are on there way back for a glorious second flush. Here’s Darcey Bussel looking elegant against my flint wall. I bought this one from David Austin Roses, my favourite supplier:  http://www.davidaustinroses.com/english/SlipGate.asp

It was not just that it was too good to miss but I just had to work outside knowing, meteorologists are such kill-joys, that this was going to be the last day of this great Summer weather. I hoped that they were going to be proved wrong but, alas…..

…this was Lewes on Friday. Rain has its uses, I guess, but English Summer, I’m missing you already. You have to promise to come back next year.

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