The excitement of Christmas lights still grips me

I was privileged as a very small child to actually catch a glimpse of Father Christmas early on Christmas morning.

I was very excited already but I shall always remember that moment as that mysterious figure in red hurried from the room that was now lit up by the glittering Christmas tree with its many coloured lights and twinkling tinsel.

I must have known that this was a rare sighting because I stood there transfixed for a moment by the wonder of it all.

I have never actually witnessed his arrival on Christmas Day again but he is there in spirit every year and when I am out and about shopping or organizing the many things that dominate the last organizational days before Christmas itself, I am still awed by Christmas lights against a darkened solstice sky.

I live in Lewes in Southern England and the town doesn’t exactly come alight with breath-taking displays of festive illuminations but in its simple way the town captures some of that childhood excitement for me and I remember not to be worried, irritated or cynical about this wonderful time of year.

Whatever you are doing I hope that tomorrow will bring you joy too. I shall be looking out for Father Christmas – it is time for me to see him again.

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