Exclusive news about that royal baby.

In case any of you missed the hours of mindless drivel being broadcast today. A baby has been born into the British royal family after a nine month pregnancy and after the mother went into labour. It is a boy and weighs about average for a baby boy. He hasn’t got a name yet but will become one of the wealthiest and most privileged people in the World. He will cry a lot, mess up his nappies (diapers), throw his food on the floor and start screaming when his first teeth start to come through his gums. One day his parents will tell him how on the day of his birth there was no other news in the World. Funny that. If you want more information just turn on the television tomorrow and you can listen to more drivel all day.


  1. The BBC has become the state broadcaster. North Korea must be taking lessons in propaganda from the BBC's coverage of this birth. It is even suggesting it will be good for the economy: Royal birth means baby boom time.

  2. We had all this nonsense about the Royal Family boosting the economy when the two of them got married. After the wedding was proved to have had a negative effect on UK Growth, I didn't hear any of these ridiculous claims about the Jubilee. Clearly the BBC thinks that sufficient time has now elapsed to trot out these stupid claims again.

    We are constantly told that the Royals are good for tourism, the economy, British Trade, foreign investment etc, but never a shred of evidence is offered. It's all part of the propaganda that spending £200 million plus on the Royals, whilst the Irish spend £3 million on their President, is value for money and people swallow it hook, line and sinker. There's naught as queer as folk.

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