The Eyes Have It

Sometimes it feels like I have a lot of eyes – not just the more normal two.

I never have the feeling that they are looking in time with each other.

There could be many of them all competing for the best view.

So I constantly see multiple images of the same thing.

I injured my eyes when I had a brain haemorrhage but soon, I hope a cure may be at hand.

The consultant at the eye hospital has given me a small piece of cardboard with dots on it – who needs hi tech – and if I keep practising for three weeks, I may be able to train my eye muscles back to performing eye muscles are meant to behave.

I hold this card under my nose and try to see two crossing lines at every dot. It hurts, makes me feel giddy and nauseous but I can definitely feel my muscles working.

I shall persevere so that I can avoid eye surgery…..I shall let you know how I get on.

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