Wolfie, all ponced up for the Ship Of Fools, sets sail to Devon


I’ve been trying to catch up on my blogs after a summer of hugely enjoyable activities that kept taking me away from my desk. I don’t normally write about the parties I go to but, this time, I just had to put up some photographs taken a few weekends ago when I went down to Devon for a fancy dress party on one of my oldest friends, Rachel’s, Alpaca Farm. I don’t usually go in for fancy dress but, this time, I went for it. The theme was Ship Of Fools – that merry ship where all the world’s degenerates, misfits and lunatics were shipped off, in fiction and in reality, to get up to whatever they wanted out on the ocean seas.I decided, see above, to be a degenerate Jacobean courtier – well why not! A fair enough idea for a party in a barn in one of the remotest parts of England. Inevitably there was a lot of work involved in turning a working barn into a fantasy ship. I was travelling down from Sussex but a lot of other people were working very hard. I think the pictures tell the story but, needless to say, I had a great time.








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