Feeling the burn again with my old weights at home.

I’m now in the second week of my new fitness routine which alternates weight training at home with my martial arts practice. I am surprized how well I remember all these moves and it rewarding the next day when I can feel practically all my muscles recovering from their ordeal. I’ve been doing them quite relentlessly so that the session has an aerobic function too and, so far, I’ve definitely felt my heart rate quicken in just the right way.

It is good being able to just pick up those old weights and get on with it without having to go out to the gym. I know that it is only a short time since I’ve started doing this again but already I can feel the difference. As I have been doing weights for most of my adult life, I do wonder if there is such a thing as muscle memory –  my muscles feel happy to be woken up in a familiar way. I love feeling that old burn again too.

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