Kiss and Tell – A first kiss to make President Obama proud.

I do know all about photo opportunities and I am also familiar with all journalists’ need for an easy news story. Apparently us newspaper readers always like seeing the photo of a returning naval fleet and the first kisses that the young men rush to give their dutifully waiting girlfriends and wives – and why not…love is not to be mocked. It was however nice to see that President Obama really has made a  difference in the USA when he forced the repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” homosexual restrictions in the American armed forces. OK, it is a photo opportunity and even though they are doing it for the cameras, they not only really meant that kiss, Petty officer Marissa Gaeta and her girlfriend,  but they were also brave enough to do it in front of the world’s cameras.

Well done to them, well done to President Obama, the US Navy and, oh yes, Merry Christmas and good will and well done to all men and women who kiss – may they all be free to love whoever they wish.

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