Foxes! Are Off To California

I went to Brighton last Friday to see my good friends, the Indie rock band Foxes! doing their last gig before they go off, yes, here is the exciting bit, before they go off on their tour of California. I hope all our Californian readers will turn out for them because they are well worth hearing.

Sadly I don’t get to go to the States with them but Brighton is OK as a lot of other people thought too because the Prince Albert was in party mood. Foxes! are popular in these parts.

For some a JD and Coke on the rocks is the perfect accompaniment to Brighton’s thriving Indie music scene but the inevitable pints of lager still predominate. I have never understood why people drink the poisonous artificial tasting stuff but then it makes them happy enough so I am not complaining.
The band members of Foxes! are Adam, lead guitar and vocals, Kayla, drums and vocals, Alan, bass guitar and keyboards and Matt, keyboards and anything else that comes his way. They are a friendly bunch and tt was good to see them giving such encouragement to their support band, Special Occasion, who were making their debut that night.

I brought my camera along and, the rock star wannabe in me just wouldn’t lie down so I went off for an evening of music photographer obstacle-climbing and posturing with a backstage pass which let me get up close and play around.

Special Occasion

The Foxes! logo, a running rabbit in primitive sketch form, sits proudly on their drumkit and, in its way sums up the band’s approach which is a mix of faux naivete, sophisticated but playful lyrics and harmonies with plenty of playroom Casio keyboards effects.

They are my friends I admit, wolves and foxes have much in common, but they are also very good so it was exciting seeing them in what I hope are the foothills of a successful rise through the ranks of the rock world. With an album nearly completed, an English tour behind them and a single to sell, they are doing and singing all the right things. So here are some pictures:


Adam and Alan

and Matt.

Kayla manages to combine her powerful and well-focused voice with the seemingly contradictory skills of drumming and the result is unquestionably cool.

Here she is with the ever observant Alan keeping everything together with his impeccable musicianship – not only is he a great bassist but he is a highly versatile and intuitive keyboard player too.

Adam’s technical prowess on the lead guitar began when his “strangler” hands outgrew the violin but he knows just how to keep his brilliant fingerwork from dominating the soundworld that is Foxes! It is always more powerful for an audience to feel that there is plenty in reserve even when he is scaling the heights.

Matt, who is also producing their first album, is also an excellent bass player but spends most of the evening conjuring classic Foxes! sounds on the keyboards. In many ways he is producing the album live on stage.

I had a great time of course, enjoying the music as I crept around the stage with my trusty camera.

If you want to listen to them here they are singing their single in their eccentric but very charming video:

If you are in California near any of these venues go along and give them Wolfie’s best wishes for a great tour.
California Dreamin’ Tour with The Hot Toddies 1st October – Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco more info
2nd October – The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz more info
3rd October – The Lounge Underground, Monterey more info
4th October – Fernwood Resort, Big Sur more info
6th October – The Biko Garage, Santa Barbara more info
7th October – Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles (21+) more info
8th October – Alex’s Bar, Long Beach (21+) more info
9th October – Soda Bar, San Diego more info

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