Foxes! Their first album is released today.

Today my friends Foxes! release their first album – I am much too involved for you to take my word for it but the album is wonderful….if you don’t believe me this is what some unbiased opinions have said. Read them and watch the video and, if you like it, buy it.

“Well crafted, self aware pop…occasionally they go nuts and wig out like The Coral or Captain Beefheart…it’s fantastic” – Artrocker Magazine  ****
“A world of winsome, delicately spiced indie pop…taken as a whole, the album’s lo-fi charm and mannered innocence is a winner” – Uncut Magazine  ***
 “Don’t be put off by the twee coating there is more to these cunning canids than meets the eye. From surprisingly dark subject matter to the occasional foray into rockier territory Foxes! is the first truly post-twee album.” – The 405  7.5 / 10
 “Trying to distil the history of indie into one album is cunning… worth hunting down.” – Daily Star  7 / 10
Foxes! offer a breath of fresh air within the indie pop music spectrum, through their captivating rhythms and simplistic, yet infectious melodies.” Sound Revolution  8 / 10
 “It’s a superb album and a great start to the year. “ Little Comments  8 / 10
The stompers keep on coming, taking in such subjects as spending too long in cafés, days when you feel like you can’t do anything right and girl crushes.” – Brighton Music Blog
Foxes! has the essential elements of a great novel, the introduction intrigues and the whole album gathers pace and depth as the listener flows with the tracks” – Indie Bands Blog

also, the link to buy the CD here…

Don’t just take it on trust, here is a video of one of the songs from the album:

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